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We deeply encourage you to have quick glance at our future meetings and events! A lot of webinars and tutorials are actually for everybody from WUT, not necesarily only for KNI members 😉

Czerwiec, 2021

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See what we are currently working on


A Web IDE that allows easy and convenient edition and storage of notes and code. Moreover, the users will be able to work separately or in collaboration with others!

Pseudoassembly Interpreter

A web and interactive interpreter that allows you to interpret your Pseudoassembly code step-by-step!

Automatic project evaluation tool

An automated tool created in order to asses students' projects from Programming I course

Weeknights with KNI

A cycle of webinars serving as an introduction to fresh and usefull technologies in today's IT


Light and modern CMS intended to supersede the current web pages of lecturers at our faculty

Link collector

A modest Google Chrome extension that allows the user to easily and conveniently store all the links they find necessary.

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